Our Story


At a super young age Dr. Danielle was already answering the “What are you going to be when you grow up” question with a confident, “I want to be a dentist when I grow up”!  Dr. Steph, however, answered like many other children do, with things like, “princess” and “artist”.  Sharing a bedroom for their entire childhood gave Dr. Danielle the perfect opportunity and plenty of time to convince Dr. Steph that being a dentist was a way better idea…and that being dentists together was the BEST IDEA EVER!! Before they knew it Rossy Pediatric Dentistry was being dreamt up! 

After individually wonderful journeys and amazing life experiences, tedious training by passionate mentors and years of experience in various types of dental practices, Dr. Danielle and Dr. Steph decided that it was time to do it!!! They threw themselves “all in” and made their lifelong dream a reality!  So what do you get at Rossy Pediatric Dentistry that you will not get anywhere else…sisters, best friends, dreamers, achievers, teammates since birth committed to making a difference in you and your child’s lives!

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