Safety Precautions


We are very pleased to announce that Rossy Pediatric Dentistry is OPEN! We want to assure you that while many things have changed over the past few months, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to your safety. We have been preparing and evolving over the quarantine and we are ready to get back to doing what we love!

We have increased ouralready rigid infection control procedures and have implemented new Covid-19 protocols in accordance with the recommendations of the American Dental Association (ADA), the U.S.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA).

Although you will feel the same love as you always have at your next visit with us, you will alsonotice lots of changes! Here are some of the changes that we have implemented in order to provide an environment that is safe for us all:


There will be a mandatory Covid-19 screening questionnaire required
for each patient prior to their appointment. This electronic form will be included in our appointment reminders and will also be available on our website


All paperwork will have to be completed prior to your appointment. Any necessary forms will be emailed and must be submitted for review prior to your appointment.


The waiting room will be closed until further notice. Although we love hearing the kiddos giggle up at the front and saying how they wish they could stay and play all day, for now we will have to put that on hold. We ask that once you arrive for your appointment you text/call our front desk to “check-in”. Please remain in your car until you receive a text/call telling you that it is your turn to enter. We ask that all adults and children, who will tolerate having one on, wear a mask covering their nose and mouth.
The front will be kept locked at all times to prevent any disruption of social distancing. You will be met at the door by a team member who will provide you with sanitizer for your child’s and your hands upon entering. You and your child’s temperature will then be taken at the door witha touchless thermometer. If a fever is detected you will be asked to return to your car and call to reschedule your appointment. If all is clear then you will be given a color to follow to your
designated treatment room.


In order to limit the amount of people in the office at one time, we allow only one adult to accompany their child for the appointment. The adult accompanying the child will be required to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth the entire time they are in the office.


You will notice that there are new plastic shields on our front desk and in our zebra room. You will notice that all of us will be covered up much more than you are used to. We ask that you explain to your child that we are still the same lovable people they know, even though we may look a little different! We understand that this may be an adjustment for them, as it will be for all of us.


You will hear and see some new equipment throughout our office and during your treatment. These range from large air purifying units strategically placed throughout the office to new types of aerosol minimizing equipment utilized during treatment.


All credit card prepayments will be taken over the phone prior to the appointment.


Although we must shelf the beloved prize box for now, we will make sure that your little one gets the rewards that they earn from being awesome patients! We will have a picture of available prizes from which they may select one to take home.


This is the saddest of them all for us! There is nothing better than a warm hug from the kiddos at the end of an appointment! We will miss these more than anything but we look forward to the end of these dark days and the amazing hugs that wait for us with the light!

We understand that all of this is different and new, believe us…we feel it too! We just want you to know that, as we step into this world of “new normal”, we are doing it together! We are committed to putting everything into keeping all of you, all of us, and all of our families SAFE and PROTECTED!
Please remember that we are a small family operated office. Each and every patient call and question is important to us and we promise to get you the answers you need as soon as we can! See you soon!!

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477 Route 10 East Building 1, Unit 2
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